CMS Update
Hello Everybody,

It has been some time since my last update. I know I am slow about rolling out updates but I have been busy with other things that pay the bills.

But the progress I have made is worth the wait I think. (I am only one man) But I am happy to say I am liking the progress I have done. I am working out the problems and ironing out the coding as well. I am at a point were I am testing and correcting the coding to do the correct instructions for the function. Case in point saving personal profile edits. I don't want others people to can your profile. ;-)

I also plan on Redoing this Article module. But I am not sure how I am going on to do it yet. But I am not liking just manually adding in each update in from phpMyAdmin. Kind of slow. :-)

But You will See some New changes when I roll out the newest version of the site. When I do that, I will not be rolling people user data because it will be a FRESH install. Sorry in advance for people who have registered, this site has been in beta development for a while, and I will need a clean Database when the time comes.


I still alive and working on my CMS!
Hello Everybody,
I know I have not posted anything in a long long time but that is life when you need to work to pay the bills. I am currently working getting the user class finished. I working on the general profile. The only reason you have not seen a changes on the live server is because it would effect the article module of the site. Which I don't like putting bug software for you to get mad at.

So, lets get to the more details on what I have been working on. The main goal of the theme system is to make it easy to design a website with just knowledge of HTML and CSS. I think it is counter productive to put PHP coding into a theme for the site. And with the str_replace() function in PHP is a very powerful tool to use. So my thought is to use this and create key words for the theme designer to use without inserting any PHP code.

For example, let use the main page layout. This file is in the following directory: Themes/defualt/defualt.php

The file will look like this

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/Images/avatars/defualt-avatar.png" type="image/x-icon">
<script language="javascript" src="Scripts/JavaScripts/functions.js"></script>
<body onLoad="openning()">
<div class="wrapper">
<table class="tbody" width="800" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center">
<tr><td class="title" colspan="2">$sitelogo</td></tr>
<td class="menuwrapper" width="150" valign="top">$menu<br />$usermenu</td>
<td class='contentwrapper' width="650" valign="top"><div class='content'>$content</div></td>
<tr><td class="footer" colspan="2">$footer</td></tr>

As you can see there is hardly any PHP coding. I am using '$' and a word. $content would be the actual page the user is looking at. I apply this kind of thinking to my modules. So right now is just taking time to finish building the modules classes.

Right now the user class is taking the most time because it has the biggest part of a CMS. I would like to get this right before deploying it to the live server. The one thing I will be changing is variables the CMS looks for in the themes. $example can be problem because you could have $example2. With the srt_replace(), it will replace the $example from $example2. So, I will be changing $example to $example$. That way I can avoid most of these problems.

I hope this is a little helpful to what I have been doing with the free time I get.


Getting closer to Completion!
I am happy with the work I have come completed during this past week.

I am happy to say the User Module is finished the way I want it to work. I am currently working on the Members Module, so people can do more that just login or logout of the site. This will include the abilities like other normal user control panels. You will have controls over you password, email, and other stuff. :) But I still need to take the coding out of the old user module that had all the User controls. As I do this, I will take out the old code and rework it to be better coded.

The major goal was having the User Module be small and easy to maintain. But also easy to add in security feature(s) that will help secure info.

Also I had some functions I was using over and over again in the classes. So I took them out of the class and made them into a more global functions. These function are for opening special files that are the layout or format of the information. I'll have more for you all when the site is fully running on this server.

Enjoy, Stormen

A small Update
I am posting a small update for all the people coming and looking at the site and seeing nothing changed for the pasted month.

I will be uploading a newer version of the Article.class.php file this Thursday or Friday for testing on the live server. The Major thing this update will provide is for me to add new posting, editing, and deleting or posted articles. I am very please on what I have programmed so far. The only thing I need to do is rework the class to stream line it.

So I will posted some some images of the New Post and editing of posts for people to see how it works.

Enjoy, Stormen

Working Towards CMS completion.
As you can see some things are slowly coming to completion with article module getting some posts. I am working on this whether it is writing down on paper or testing code on the servers. Right now, I am working on the articles.class.php and the permissions table. I may just call this the blog.class.php, but that won't happen until I am done with the class.

The permissions table is pretty simple. I'll have the groupID, moduleName, and permissionValue. The groupID is pretty much self explanatory as well as the moduleName. The permissionValue is going to be an integer number. All the options will use the base 2 system. For example you have 5 options for your module.
  • 0 - no access
  • 1 - Can Read
  • 2 - Can Post
  • 4 - Can Edit
  • 8 - Can [etc]
Once you set the option for the module permission of a group. You will see some number like 7 (1 + 2 + 4 = 7). So the CMS will be able to control the user access to the modules functions. So the class function may have a argument for user groupIDs. This will allow them to get to pages to edit or post on the site. This will be for only people who have access for these options.

On a side note, I will also be looking into more javascripts for editing text areas. I don't know if I am going to get into BBcode or not. I could make my own but I need to see how easy it is to use. I would like to have people just Type away on their keybaords without having to know the HTML tags. I just need to find the right type of javascript or 'Software' for this idea to flourish the way I want it. But for now I will be settling with adding the HTML tags into the text fields.


Minor Steps forward!
Sorry for the long delay in getting this updated, but I cannot spend endless days just working on this site like I would love too.
I come to inform you, the user, that I am working on Articles module to get it completed. This will allow me to give you information on my site faster than through a message board.

You may or may not notice the changes as I add (or remove) things to the site. I am still working on a much older version of my new CMS, which was not as developed when my hard drives failed me. I will not let this stop me from finishing this site, so I can post Image, Levels, Coding, Applications, Fanfiction, and other things.

As I am writing this, the current Article module is about 40 to 50 percent done. I still need to finish the Inserting/post function for this module which will take more time. Because I still need to work on is the permissions for users. The eason is I don't want just anybody/eveybody posting stuff for in this part of the website.

The other thing I need to work on the recoding of the Users class. To realize how big the change was from one version to another was really big. It sucks trying to rebuild all the changes. But I will fix the User class to work the way I had it before the hard drive failure.

You can expect to see more changes in the coming month for this site. A lot of the the changes will be in the look with the addition of new/reworked modules.

Until Next time, Enjoy.