(And Un-spelled Czech-ed)

Welcome to Flaming Wreckage! The website for...for.. Well, it's a website!

Born from the pits of insanity, nurtured by malicious code, it has come forth to enslave the net, bog down connections, and waste your time! If you can't feel the pure unadulterated evil flowing into your computer, then you either have a religious artifact in your house or one awesome firewall.

Posted on this site are various things found to be interesting by interested parties. Fanfics, rants, even sound clips and photos are (or will soon be) posted to this site. None are meant to offend, only entertain. If you are offended, walk outside your house and face reality. It's even worse. So please, look kindly upon this site, for no matter how evil it is, it is only here to serve you.

How you are served (and with what garnishes) will be determined later.